Todomuta Studio created this piece as part of the exhibition “Weaving Design Stories” It was produced by Odabashian, a historical company that is making rugs since 1921, and comissioned by the mexican design gallery Casa Gutierrez Nájera. The exhibition explores influences, connections and the flows of culture between The Americas and Spain.

“8NM-Pórtico” explores the connections and contrasts between two dierent worlds. A door that leads to the fifteenth century, where the darkness of the port of Seville contrasts with the luminosity from the “New World” (The Americas)

An imaginary cartography created from the selection, reinterpretation and fusion of diverse representative elements of that historical moment. The internal structures of the caravels and the textures of the marble used to create the building called “Indias Archive” in the city of seville are highlighted.