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Laura Molina & Sergio Herrera

TODOMUTA Studio was born in 2011 under the art direction of Laura Molina and Sergio Herrera, the result of their dream to investigate and explore the frontiers between art, design and cutting-edge craftsmanship. In this unknown territory where disciplines intersect, the team has identified keys and innovative solutions to continuously evolve in these past eight years of work.

Captivated by the most unfathomable aspects of archaeology, anthropology and nature, the studio has created its own collective imagination to facilitate the creation of an aesthetic with an ancestral and sophisticated character, materialised as timeless objects with great visual power. Objects that are far removed from market trends and that aspire to unsettle an audience that understands that the acquisition of Todomuta pieces as something more than a simple act of consumption. Unique and limited edition pieces produced by a process based on experimentation and showcasing traditional artisanal production methods, granting them a current perspective by making them coexist with the resources offered by new technologies; thus creating new connections in both the field of ideas and the production framework.

In the last few years, Todomuta Studio’s artistic gaze, their sensibility when approaching projects and their way or doing things has drawn the attention of brands and professionals who have entrusted the studio with the direction and development of art and design projects, encompassed by a multidisciplinary team that is articulated and broadened according to each project.

The studio continues working to make perceptible the existence of new paths, entrusting art as the means and ends to emotion.